Sunday, March 10, 2013

The DAW wiki experiment

In the impmooc I am teaching some broad concepts.
In week 2 I cover the important DAW techniques.
The community must explore the concepts within their own software.
We need a resource that contains all the information in an easily accessible way.
The information changes constantly, so it must be updated regularly.
One person cannot create the entire resource.
A wiki is the perfect solution.

Most people can edit a wiki because there is very little code involved.
Most people do not know how to setup a wiki structure.
I created a structure and have requested the students add content to it.
In the student assignments they are asked which DAW they are demonstrating.
I will ask students to post high quality student tutorials into the correct wiki location.
The wiki will be populated with student lessons organized by DAW and technique.
I will post again to report on how the wiki experiment works.

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