Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coursera Wiki Creation tips

Teaching a mooc requires a different set of skills than teaching a traditional class.
Working with wikis is one of these new skills.

Here are some tips on working with wiki's that I have learned in the process of creating my first wiki, hopefully it will help others.

Wiki creation has one unusual but genius aspect: Links create pages.
To create a page, create a link to the page.
Add a link inside a current page, and there will be a blank page when you click on it.

Wiki-links are unlike typical HTML links here is an explained example:
[[Musicproduction:DAW:cubase | Cubase]]
  • "[[" starts the link
  • "Musicproduction:DAW:cubase" is the link.
  • "Musicproduction" is the parent wiki
  • ":" functions like a "/" in a typical file folder structure allowing one to create nested WIKIs
  • "|" divides the wiki-link from how it will appear in the wiki. Though the link is going to "Musicproduction:DAW:cubase", it will display as "Cubase" in the Wiki.
  • "]]" ends the link.
In the Coursera Wiki headings and navigation is automatically created by using the number sign: "#"
Using a "#" will create a nicely formatted section and also add navigation at the top of the page.

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